Zahra Tootzari was born in Mehr of 1364. She was born in Hamedan, Iran and passes her elementary educations there. Then, she passed her secondary educations, after immigration of her family to Tehran, capital of Iran, and she came to Art university-handicraft field in 1381. While she was passing elementary art, design and colorology educations, she met glass in glassware workshop besides her master Muhammad Ziaie, and fell in love with this magic material. Her interest in glass, led her to all workshops all over the city, so that she could experience and educate all arts and techniques in the same field, personally and in master and student status.

In 1383, she started her professional work with opening her personal workshop, and brought the same art into building industry, by considering application of artistic glasses in building and interior design, beside artistic productions. Since the same time, she made a platform to bring glass artistic handmade into various applications in building industry, and made occupation platform for various people.

In this disturbing path of art and work, her masters felt that a woman could facilitate hard paths and interpret some wishes of masters of the same field, and introduce glass art to building industry; therefore named her as “glass woman of Iran”.  Although her master Muhammad Ziaie isn’t alive currently, but his love and respects is demonstrated in his students’ hearts.

In 1395, because of need for interior design and decoration science, she changed her design paths so that upgrade executive levels of her works, and manage her executive sets more professionally, coincident with entering Azad Islamic University. Passing technical stained glass course in IKO of Italy and having M.S. degree of stained glass from the same institute, upgraded her experience in combinational stained glass structures implementations. Irachi company and Architach holding, are of executive sets which are active in design and manufacture of decorative building glasses, by her management.

Currently, in 1398, Mrs. Zahra Tootzari continues her activities having 15 years of continued background and having art students and trainees who are active in the same domain, and is admired by some peoples as an artist and entrepreneur woman. Maybe there’s some people have abused her resume or experiences, but the same matter acknowledges that she is first one in Iran, who has introduced glass art in building industry.