Experiences and activities

Technical workshop and company in building glasses and decorative fields, named as “Silica Glass Designers”, since 2004 to 2009.

CEO of “Silica Glass Designers”, Top entrepreneur of Tehran, 2008; with 2000m2 total annual production of building glasses; perform numerous private and governmental¬† projects in building decorative glasses fields.

CEO of “Shishegaran Arya” cooperative, since 2006 to 2008

Educating glass art in artistic and technical institutes

Contestant of glass field in Iran technical and professional organization institute, 2008

Master in Payam-e-noor university in glass field, since 2010 to 2012

Personal workshop and company for stained glass domes and Tiffany glasses production, named as Irachi, since 2012 to 2018

Director and owner of

First and largest producer of stained glass domes in Iran

Executing more than 100 successful projects in design and manufacturing building decorative glasses.

Master of glass field in Tehran university of science and application, 2017

Design manager and member of the board of Architach executive suite.

Degrees and certificates

B.S. of handicrafts-glass from art faculty of Tehran university

M.S. of interior design from Azad Islamic university

Technical master stained glass certificate form IKO technical academy of glass of Italy

Technical and professional certificate in Fuse glass, Tiffany glass

Educator certificate from technical and professional institute

Art degree from Iran cultural heritage organization


Top entrepreneur of Tehran province, 2008

Manufacturing certificate from Iran handicraft and cultural heritage organization of Iran, since 2004 to 2018

Superior producer of Tehran, 2010

Top artist of 2017, from cultural heritage organization of Tehran

Top website in artistic and handicrafts productions, 2017

Educating more than 100 art students and glass field students


Accompany in numerous interior and exterior fairs:

Dubai fall fair, 2007

Group of contemporary artists fair, 2008

International fair of building industry, 2009

International interior decoration fair, Tehran, 2010

DECO 10 fair, Tehran, 2017

Milan home fair, 2018

Top projects

Design and implementation of glass domes in residental pent house with more than 20m2 area

Design and implementation of glass dome with more than 30m2 in Ferdows garden residential villa

Design and implementation of glass dome with more than 20m2 area in Iran Export development bank

Design and implementation of glass dome with more than 40m2 area in Jaberi mosque of Bandar Abbas

Design and implementation of largest stained glass dome in Iran with more than 250m2 area

Design and implementation of more than 10 glass dome with different dimensions in different cities of Iran

Design and implementation of stained glasses of arrival door, with more than 100m2 area